About Superior Spray Solutions

Knowledge and Expertise
Superior Spray Solutions understands what it takes to create a thermal envelope that fully intregrates every component of the structure. Owner James Mason has been involved with weatheriztion for a number of years, he continues to learn about cutting edge innovations in green building. Our breath of building science knowledge ensures that the structures we insulate will perform as they should.

Red, White, Blue, and Green
Saving energy is about more than R-value. Superior Spray Solutions is committed to reducing the use of fossil fuel in our country, and we’re passionate about buying and providing American-made products. We try to use local suppliers to reduce the distance the product has to travel.

Count on us
Superior Spray Solutions is licensed, insured and manufacturer certified. Our reputation for quality and reliability is evident in our references, which we are happy to provide. We are a growing community and global-minded company, and we look forward to providing even more jobs in this growing field.