Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation is a form of insulation that provides barriers to heat, cold, and sound in buildings. Fiberglass insulation is extremely energy efficient in that the fiberglass material traps pockets of air, keeping rooms warm in the winter and cold in the summer – allowing your heating and cooling appliances to work less hard year round cutting utility costs. Fiberglass insulation is made of plastic and reinforced with tiny glass fibers that provide additional strength and improve insulation capacity.

Loose fill

Loose fill fiberglass insulation can be blown into existing walls and cavities to add insulation to existing finished areas, around obstructions, and irregularly shaped areas.


Batts are pre-cut sheets of fiberglass insulation that can be fitted into stud and joist spacing.


Fiberglass insulation blankets are similar to batts, but come in large rolls.